Puppets For Every Occasion !

Do stories of Krishna fascinate you? Well, with these DIY shadow puppets you can now bring them to life at home.

Krishna’s life is probably best explained by the many leelas or playful stories of his exploits, right from the time he was a tiny infant. Every story has so many layers and we thought these DIY Krishna puppets to depict one such famous story would be perfect for the festive season.

Printable Jungle Themed Masks !

Let’s make masks! Animal masks are not only fun, they’re colourful too. Here are 4 easy printables for you to make. Step by step instructions for making your own personalised animal masks.

Get Away From That Screen

In the technology driven world of today, our use of leisure time is centred around smart phones, iPads, and television. Children today are surrounded by double chinned adults with their heads bent down, passively staring down at screens.

The Collector Of Things

My mother would tell you that as a child I collected the weirdest things. Lottery tickets, bus tickets, tamarind seeds, red seeds, shells, scraps of coloured paper, feathers, greetings cards, stamps and boxes full of marbles. I had designated storage for each of these prized possessions. Thankfully middle class upbringing did not demand a “manicured” home, so Amma just let me be.

The Heart Of Childhood

The toughest part of growing up is to lose friends. In the years of having been a parent I have seen my daughter strike the most magical friendships with ease, honesty and immense love. Some of these relationships continue to thrive; a few have slipped away as ‘life’ got in between. Come April, and her strongest friendship is going to change, drastically. I feel a deep, raw sadness in my heart at the thought of how this beautiful relationship is going to change ….

Crafting with the BIG Small Person

Crafting with a child who has discovered the freedom of choice, language and motor skills can be challenging, enlightening and frustrating at the same time. Toddlers are curious, opinionated and fiercely distracted.

A Dolls House for Lil’ U

As children many of us dreamt of owning a Dolls house. A miniature home filled with furniture, tiny people and cherished belongings sounded so enchanting. When Lil U was 3 years old we decided to build her a Dolls house. Dada designed it and assembled it. I chose the furniture, the wall paper and sewed the curtains. We keep adding to parts of the house each time an interesting miniature, knick knack is spotted. For all the hours of fun it provides, it is Lil U’s most valued toy (pssst pssst …. may I confess it is my favourite too!)

Building A Craft Den

The most disastrous thing that can happen to any crafting parent is to plan a project and realize that vital material is out of stock. We experienced this many times over, till I decided to convert our ‘ancient cupboard’ into a craft den. The CRAFT DEN is our colour haven. Our ‘go to place’ when we need a splash of silence and creativity.

To read more follow this link : http://bit.ly/21bCHFm

Birthday Musings !

Li’l U turned 5 this year. It took me some time to believe that the little helpless creature who my husband said looked like Winston Churchill, has finally broken out of the chrysalis into a thinking, talking, and expressive person! True to tradition, I looked through old albums, shed some emotional Mama tears and wondered where time had flown. Any further emotional hysterics was cut short at the thought of the impending birthday party!

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