Aparna Vinod, Founder & Dreamer

Aparna is a Strategic Designer of Education Systems whose convictions and desires are guided by her deep interest in living heritage systems, society, and cultural practices. Through her work she envisions integrated learning ecosystems where a multitude of ideas, beliefs, and realities are systemically viewed and unpacked towards creating enduring understanding.

Aparna’s educational beliefs are guided by Critical Pedagogy and strengthened by her own interests in literature, crafts, Indian art theory, communities, and place. Her learning design focuses on creating experience through collaborative co-inquiry, visual thinking routines, and trans-disciplinary thinking methodologies. As a practitioner of aesthetic education she contextualises local and cultural knowledge into educational systems. Aparna specialises in designing learning for enduring understanding using — Systems Thinking, Critical Pedagogy, Slow Design, Making Pedagogy, Collaborative Learning, Visual Thinking, Trans-disciplinary Approaches, Play & Story Pedagogy, Aesthetic Education, Participatory Learning and Action, Mindfulness and Reflective Practices. 

Aparna is an alumni of Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, Bangalore, with a Masters degree in Design in Education. She also holds a Masters degree in Mass Communication with a specialisation in film and journalism from Bangalore University. She has written on various online platforms on learning through making and art based learning. She currently consults in the space of educational research, policy, facilitator training, and aesthetic education using collaborative learning and trans-disciplinary approaches.

Want to hop on the Caravan ?

Reach Aparna on 9483505483 or drop her a mail on
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