Our Arts Based Learning Sessions are designed to suit the needs of large organizations. Prior to proposing a session, comprehensive study of the workforce, industry type, challenges etc. is conducted.  A vibrant, engaged workplace is more likely to be safer, healthier, sustainable, and stronger and this programme helps build a community whose members are engaged with life, learning, and one another.

Programme 1 –  BUILDING CREATIVE AGENCY AND INNOVATION  the approach and work of this programme will set in motion confidence, critical thinking,individual creative judgment,convergent thinking & freethought. Art based projects in this programme will allow participants to learn from their immediate environment.

Programme 2 – ARTFUL LEADERSHIP: INDIVIDUALITY & STRATEGIC PLANNING approaches individuality, strategic thinking and leadership challenges by using Design Thinking. Participants engage in hands-on design projects that focus on developing empathy, promoting a bias toward action, encouraging ideation, developing cognitive awareness and fostering active problem solving. Using one’s imagination is central to this programme. Varied art approaches are embedded into each session with the view of building artistic skills and creative awareness.

Programme3 – LEADING CHANGE INSPIRING, ENGAGING & MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES  is a programme that builds active engagement in thinking and doing. By engaging all individual faculties in cultivating creativity, it promotes participation and involvement. The art based activities conducted through this programme facilitate relationship building through learning, action, and expression.