A refreshing change from musical chairs and cartoon-watching! Craft on Your Birthday is a great way to spend a birthday party for young children. They’re active, creative, and have plenty of opportunity to interact and to get to know each other.

Craft on Your Birthday releases the magic of childhood, discovery and creative play and the many benefits they bring. It’s about firing up children’s imagination and setting them off on a journey of discovery.

  • LET THE CHILD CREATE: We give children free rein to use their own imagination when it comes to the creative process. We provide all material required for this activity, so the parents can relax and enjoy the party.
  • TAKE IT HOME: The children can proudly return home with a unique and handmade creation. But the biggest gift passed on would be an hour of reflection and learning!
  • PERSONALISATION: Craft activities can be adapted to suit both the person and the event. All activities are arrived at after consultations and discussions.

Age:  5 years – 15 years
People: Minimum of 6 people.
Cost: Dependent on activity, location & duration. Contact us for a quote.
Time: Our craft party workshops last between 1 & 2 hours