We believe that one of the most abiding forms of learning is creating! The Craft Caravan opens up spaces for children to explore their latent creativity with services tailored to suit the experiential learning needs of educational institutions. We believe that Arts and Crafts allows a growing child to develop –

  • Thinking Skills (Cognitive Development)
  • Feeling Skills (Emotional Development)
  • Relating Skills (Social Development)
  • Coordinating Skills (Sensory Motor Development)

ANNUAL CRAFT PLAN draws out the art & craft learning schedule for an entire academic year. The Craft Caravan assists in running a seamless craft program using interesting learning methods, unique activities and age appropriate techniques. The curriculum is formulated in collaboration with educators to understand special needs and focus areas.

LOOKING GLASS utilises craft as a collaborative activity within curriculum subjects. The core focus of the program is be to ‘learn by doing’. Carefully curated resource material is generated for holistic learning. Looking Glass encourages children to chronicle their learning and personal experiences using craft.  

WOODWORKING PROGRAMME introduces students to the basics of carpentry. The students of this programme work with various tools and methods with help from experts. It’s a wonderfully practical space in which multiple skills are exercised and become integrated with everyday living. We also assist educational institutions with setting up woodworking studios.