COLONIAL BANGALORE COVERWhat is Little City Trails ?

Little City Trails is about exploring nooks and corner of our city; spaces that have retained the warmth of the old even while making way for the new. Through our walks we focus on archaeology, architecture, art, gastronomy, history, houses and gardens, literature and culture.

Little City Trails sensitizes children to the local flavours, heritage & history of the city they call home. This unique coming together of walking, exploring history and creating through art, helps children understand urban existence better. It is also an effective means to building ownership and sensitivity for the city. Throughout the programme children are encouraged to see themselves as a vital part of the larger organism called ‘the city’.  By studying the varied personalities assumed by the city through changing times and revisiting forgotten history, the participants will build balanced perspectives to development, surroundings, conservation and heritage.


Participants will explore and experience historic locations through site visits. They will build and record their individual narratives in various formats – stories, art, sketches, poetry etc. Each trail will be a session of intense information sharing, discovery and awareness building. Participants will carry home assignments which will focus on integrating emerging characteristics of the city, with individual identities of self and one’s family.
Will be utilised by the participants to convert the trails into concrete personal projects. Using skills of recollection, creativity, expression & language – history and heritage will be interpreted into craft projects. From the observations and experiences on the trail, changes the city has witnessed will be studied and represented through artistic methods.
Presentation of individual heritage manuals & collected exhibits. The participants will share their perspectives on heritage, and history in relation to themselves and the observations made during the trials.

Programme DetailsLCT - Gardens of Bangalore

Little City Trails is an interesting method to introduce history, language and creative skills in  children. The trails are carefully planned and atmost importance is given to curriculum development of each trail. Handbooks and interesting reference material  is created for each trail.  Little City Trails works best for educational institutions who are looking for unique and engaging ways to create historical & language awareness among children. The programme schedule could be custom made to suit the institutions need. For activity centres looking for weekend engagement programmes, single location trails can be planned.

Current trails & locations covered

  • HISTORICAL BANGALORE  Tipu’s Summer Palace, Kote Venkataramana Temple, Bangalore Fort & Bangalore Palace.
  • COLONIAL BANGALORE – St Mark’s Cathedral, St Andrew’s Church, Bangalore Palace, Old Colonial Bungalow, The Tract & Book Society,  Mayo Hall, Government Museum.
  • GARDENS OF BANGALORE – Cubbon Park, Band Stand, Attara Kacheri, Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall, Lalbagh Botanical Gardens, Lalbagh Glass House, Lalbagh Watch Tower.